Being born and raised in Leamington Ontario, also known as the greenhouse capital of Canada, it is no surprise that our Sales Manager North America Richard Morris is an expert on greenhouse farming. After 16 years of managing and growing fruits and vegetables in high-tech greenhouses himself, he joined the Van Iperen team beginning of last year. This has allowed us to have our feet on the ground in the greenhouse market in the US and Canada today.

Over the last couple of years the greenhouse sector across North America has greatly diversified itself. Not only to lead the way in growing fruits and vegetables, but also to grow reliable crops for medical use for example”, explains Richard. As a fertilizer supplier in such a rapidly changing sector, it is key to move in line with these changes in order to meet the challenges that growers are facing today. This is where the Dutch innovative character comes in handy.

Richard: “Our Innovations department is always looking for ways to make our products perform better and to best adapt them to the local growing conditions. This is how we make sure the product brings added value for the grower. This combination of innovative thinking, first-hand experience and providing high quality products and service, has enabled us to now work with some of the biggest greenhouse growers across the US and Canada”.

No matter what crop you are growing, our broad range of Essentials and High Performing Solutions offers a large selection for greenhouse fertigation. We provide the complete package of Straights dedicated to Horticulture such as Calcium Nitrate HG or Potassium Sulphate HG. Next to that we offer a large range of low Sodium fertilizers allowing growers to optimize their inputs, such as Potassium Nitrate HG and DTPA chelates like Oligo Iron-DTPA 6% Liquid.

Greenhouse growers in North America and rest of the world, can rely on our expertise thanks to experts like Richard and our close to 100 years of experience supplying Dutch high-tech greenhouses.