One of the things that drives and motivates any agronomist, is to contribute in solving everyday challenges that growers worldwide are facing. What if that challenge is a long standing one, and has been really hard to solve in the past decades, with many efforts invested in attempting to solve it…? Then the motivation is even stronger!”, our Agronomist Zahi Zind shares his story.

I am writing this article after a long field day in Tunisia, spent with our local partner Agri-Expert, promoting this specific solution: Iperen IPE® Technology.

IPE® (short for Increased Phosphate Efficiency), as it has become known in the markets of the Middle-East and North Africa, was quite a revolution in markets where high pH calcareous soils, have been causing Phosphate fixation and Calcium and Micronutrients reduced efficiency for the past decades.

Our R&D developed this ingenious IPE® Technology that helps:
1. Liberate fixated Phosphates in the soils
2. Protect freshly applied Phosphates from fixation
3. Increase availability of Calcium and Micronutrients

Incorporated either in transformed Water Soluble NPKs with much more adapted formulas such as the famous IPE® 20-13-20 (the new 20-20-20) or IPE® 13-32-13, and many others, or in the much more concentrated IPE® Liquid, these solutions are crucial for Van Iperen growers in the area today.

A few must-mention success stories:
IPE® in Palestine: with our partner Agropal and the new KAMEL and ETHMAR formulas which totally replaced the traditional formulas.
IPE® in Egypt: with excellent results of the IPE® 11-44-11+TE with our partner Queisna on cucumber regeneration and extended production, and in solving P problems in citrus and vine plots which had a terrible history of P fixation. Also in a field observation on Potato, the IPE treated plot showed a higher number of tubers per plant compared to the untreated.
IPE® in Tunisia: with IPE® 15-30-15 replacing the 13-40-13 with amazing results, notably in contributing to the relief of heavily fixated soils with pH around 8.5.

With 20 to 30% less P applied, growers are getting better results with IPE® Technology and the success story continues! In short, whenever you want to test an innovation, fields never lie… and in our case, fields are giving us a very impressive positive feedback…

IPE® Technology is another step in the direction of achieving our vision for more effective nutrition and biostimulant solutions.

Once again, I am proud to be a Van Iperen Agronomist helping local growers overcome what we once regarded as a mission impossible!