Van Iperen International set foot on South-American soil when it became partners with the Uruguayan company Maisor in 2013. As a test Maisor imported one container loaded with soluble fertilizers. It was such a success that the business rapidly grew. Nowadays Maisor imports over 400 tons a year via Van Iperen International. The reasons for this great growth are simple, says Mauro Ferrari: “The quality of the products are excellent, the support is great and our joined strategy is focused on the customer.”

Maisor is a large distributor in a relative small country. The company shares a German business partner with Van Iperen International. The Germans recommended Van Iperen International to Maisor. When Van Iperen International was present at an agricultural exhibition in Uruguay, Ferrari decided to go meet the people of the company. “For a while we were looking for a reliable supplier of soluble fertilizers. We were impressed by the quality of the products and the high level of knowledge of their professionals. That’s how our relationship started.”

Heart for quality

Eye for quality is one of the shared competences between Maisor and Van Iperen International. Ferrari: “At Maisor we have a heart for the quality of our products and services. We strongly believe in change and development. From the moment I met the people of Van Iperen International it was clear we share common values. And that makes it easier to work and grow a business together.”
Another common driver is innovation. “We share our knowledge and are both keen on new developments”, tells Ferrari. “The technicians, marketers and other professionals of Van Iperen International really manage to be on top of the trends of our market. In addition to that they have a global view. That’s very valuable for us, because we can profit of their strength, knowledge and state-of-the art products and services. And we share our local knowledge and the new trends from the South-American market with them. This way we can grow for the future.”

To the next level

In everything they do, Maisor and Van Iperen International keep their focus on the clients. “We are driven to support farmers to fix their problems”, says Ferrari. “My partners of Van Iperen International have the same human perspective. They really listen and try to understand local issues. Sometimes we have our issues as well, but we listen to each other and work towards the best solution for all parties. And together we are not only trying to deliver to the needs of the farmers, but we to help them with new, sustainable and profitable business models. And lift the market to the next level. That makes our partnership special and rewarding.”

We believe in the power of people

Interview of Van Iperen partner from Germany on Iperen Connecting Days

We believe in the power of people. And we are proud to collaborate with so many great partners. We really want to get to know our partners and their business.

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