Van Iperen Oligo Zinc-EDTA 15% is a chelated single micronutrient fertilizer of high purity. Thanks to its unique patented raspberry-shaped microgranule, it is dust free, easy flowing and it dissolves rapidly. It is recommended to cure Zinc deficiency on all crops, and to improve initial growth periods.

  • Zinc 100% chelated and fully available up to a pH of 9
  • Developed for foliar application. Also suitable for fertigation in open field and greenhouses
  • Rapidly dissolvable at high concentration
  • Low in Chloride
  • Raspberry shaped, white micro granule
  • Patented micro granulation process
  • Easy to handle, dissolve and apply

无土栽培 | Hydroponics

滴灌 | Fertigation

叶面施肥 | Foliar application



Compatible with other fertilizers. The pH of the tank solution should be above 4.