Growing conditions all around the world are getting more and more challenging and growers are equipping their business with high-tech solutions for crop nutrition. In order to do so you need a wide range of Specialty Fertilizers combining mineral fertilizers with biostimulation. With our Dutch roots we are driven by innovation and developing new ways to adapt to these changing situations and we love to share this knowledge with you.

Saving on Phosphate with Iperen IPE® Technology

Iperen IPE® Technology for Increased Phosphate Efficiency provides you with healthier crops and better results. It significantly increases the level of Phosphates available for the plant. It releases Phosphates absorbed to soil particles and prevents fixation of fresh applied Phosphates. Today the Iperen IPE® Technology is used globally to better manage Phosphate needs.

Science, no magic
Iperen IPE® Technology products

Van Iperen included the Iperen IPE® Technology in WS NPKs and developed a liquid formulation for growers using Straight fertilizers. Therewith, any grower that fertigates can benefit from the Iperen IPE® Technology.

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Where Nutrition meets Biostimulation™

Seaweed for biostimulation

Seaweeds are used in agriculture since 17th Century. For example to improve resistance to drought. Combined with new technologies, seaweeds as a biostimulant are of increased importance for growers worldwide.

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Foliastim® liquid bottles

Van Iperen offers a full range of seaweed based products for nutrition and biostimulation: solutions for foliar application, fertigation in open field and greenhouses as well as root-dipping prior to planting.

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Choose the right Iron chelate

Growing cherries

There are many options to add Iron to your crop. The most efficient way is chelated Iron for its stability, availability for the plant and its easiness to use. But choosing among the different solutions can be a challenge. What to choose? We can help you!

Select the right Iron chelate

Van Iperen offers a full range of chelated Iron in solid and liquid form. You can choose between EDTA, IDHA, DTPA, EDDHA and HBED chelated Iron depending on your mode of application.

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The best Calcium Nitrate source for your crops

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Calcium Nitrate is a good source of both Calcium and Nitrate. Depending on the type of application you can choose among 5 different solutions. Let’s see which Calcium Nitrate suits your needs.

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Our Calcium Nitrate products

Van Iperen offers you the widest range of Calcium Nitrate grades for different applications. You can choose between AG, FG, HG, HG+ and a liquid formulation.

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