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Van Iperen Laki Liquid | 27 - 0 - 0 + MgO + TE is a pure and concentrated liquid with a high level of Nitrogen combined with EDTA chelated micronutrients. Our product is a transparent, stable solution and is recommended during periods of intensive vegetative growth and protein build up in grain or fruit. The presence of Magnesium and micro nutrients contributes to the production of chlorophyll and supports general plant metabolism. A healthy green plant is crucial to secure adequate photosynthesis and high yields. Produced in our own plant Euroliquids.

  • Improves vegetative growth
  • Micronutrients 100% chelated and fully available
  • Developed for foliar application. Also suitable for fertigation in open field
  • Soft for leaf tissue


  • Low on heavy metals
  • Low on Sodium and Chloride
  • Low crystallization temperature
  • Production process certified according to ISO 9001:2015
  • Easy to handle and apply


Foliar Application

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Compatible with other fertilizers, with the exception of Calcium fertilizers. Therefore a separate tank is needed or fertilizers should be applied on different times. The pH of the tank solution should be above 4.