Our commitment to developing products that satisfy the real needs of growers remains the same. Season after season, we keep providing innovative solutions that improve their crops and the quality of their yields.

Following this direction, Van Iperen International unveils Epsilon 3% Emulsion as part of our Micronutrients offer. Epsilon 3% Emulsion is a highly pure, 100% HBED chelated Iron fertilizer, improving NUE (Nutrient Use Efficiency).

For the right preparation of the solution, you can follow these instructions:

How can Epsilon 3% Emulsion fix the Iron deficiency in crops?

In all ranges, Van Iperen is committed to making only solutions that have a purpose for fixing crops’ related problems. In this case, Epsilon 3% Emulsion can prevent the Iron (Fe) deficiency -also known as iron chlorosis-, a relatively common problem that frequently occurs in alkaline soils. One of the symptoms of iron deficiency is the development of new yellow leaves with a network of dark green veins.

Iron is a necessary component of chlorophyll synthesis. With a high level of Iron formula, Epsilon 3% Emulsion improves the production of chlorophyll. It is recommended in particular at the beginning of the vegetative growth for long cycled crops. The presence of HBED as a chelating agent assures a long-lasting effect.

HBED is one of the newest chelating agents developed specifically to target Iron deficiency problems in high pH soils. It has outstanding stability constant, making it the strongest chelate on the market, and protecting the Iron from precipitation in a pH up to 12. It is not sensitive to UV light and has no affinity to Copper.

Most importantly, our HBED is non-racemic (meaning that it doesn’t have isomers) so all the iron is actually available for the plant! All these characteristics will give a higher NUE to the product.

Do you know how to choose the proper Iron chelate for your crop? Read our guidelines to choose the right solution: How to choose an iron chelate