Benefit from our smart supply chain

When you do business with Van Iperen International, you also benefit from the experience and size of our parent company. Next to this, we strive to develop an optimal online environment for our network in which products can be easily ordered and instant access to our automated ERP ordering system is available. Advanced applications will ensure that you can serve your customers more effectively. And of course we have an experienced logistics team dedicated to getting your order at the right place, at the right time.  
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Our ambitions: Fertilizer is our trade. IT is our passion

Our company has two important ambitions. The first is to develop, produce and sell the best specialty fertilizers in the world. Our international deliveries are organised either directly from producer to distributor or channelled via our extensive warehouses in the Netherlands. The second ambition is to create the best possible digital environment to make life easier for our customers. Can you imagine ordering your products with a smartphone and getting directly connected to our smart supply chain, with every step up to the delivery of your order automated? At Van Iperen b.v. in the Netherlands, it’s already daily practice. The QR code on every product which leaves our company is another example of our passion. And in connection with our ambitions, we are more than happy to develop one-off e-commerce modules for our distributors.
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Know How in international logistics of fertilizers

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Van Iperen International is experienced in the international logistics of fertilizers. We have a global and reliable network to deliver you our fertilizers on time. Your dedicated representative is at your disposal, whether it concerns local registrations, know how on government inspection or specific documents.
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