Help your customers grow with our fertilizer solutions

Our crop specialists can train your staff and help you work out tailor-made fertilizer solutions for your local needs. User advice is also accessible via our website or by using the QR code on our packaging. With a smartphone, you can have all this data in the palm of your hand at the moment you need it. More mobile applications will soon follow, and of course extensive information is already available on our website.
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QR code: everything you need to know when you need to know it

  On every product that leaves our factory we print a unique QR code. Scanning this code with a smartphone gives you immediate access to all relevant data for the product in question. In addition to technical data and MSDS, in the near future the QR code will also provide you with dosage tables, user advice, and related agronomical background information.

A QR code is a specific matrix code with an embedded link to the product and all relevant related information. In order to use the QR code, you need a smartphone and an application (code reader) such as I-nigma, which is free and easy to download. If you text the word ”I-nigma” to            +44 7797 882325, you will receive a message that contains a link allowing you to download the program.               
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Calcium nitrate in all possible varieties

For high-tech soilless fertigation cultures and for foliar spraying, Van Iperen International offers the purest horticultural grade calcium nitrate available, resulting in a fully transparent solution. The grade we produce for open field fertigation is slightly less soluble, but it is perfectly suited to its use. Our Agri Grade calcium nitrate is specially developed for dry broadcasting or spreading with water cannons.

Our top-of-the-range Horticultural Grade is also available as a derivate with added magnesium nitrate and trace elements. These and other derivates are designed to allow specific recommendations for special needs.
From left to right: Calcium Nitrate Horticultural Grade, Fertigation Grade and Agri Grade
Calcium Nitrate HG of Van Iperen (left) in comparison with the standard in the market (right)
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pH stability of different iron chelates

In the market you find many different chelates. The standard chelates in the market are the EDTA-chelates, the DTPA-chelates and the EDDHA-chelates. Besides these standard products, Van Iperen also offers two unique chelating agents: the biodegradable IDHA-chelate and HBED-chelates.

Each of these chelating agents has their own characteristics with regards to the pH-range in which they protect the nutrients. The figure in this article gives a complete overview of the existing chelates as well as our more innovative ones.

From an agronomical point of view, the IDHA-chelate can best be compared with the EDTA-chelate due to the pH characteristics. The HBED-chelate is comparable with the highest quality EDDHA-chelates (4.8% o-o).
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