Use what we know about fertilizer

What we know about fertilizer is accurate and extensive. Our in-house specialists know every single detail about the products, their usage, and all legal matters with regard to safety. We are also connected with several independent research organisations. One of our shareholders is PPC ADOB in Poland, which specialises in the production and development of high tech fertilizers.
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The lab facilities of Van Iperen International

Van Iperen International has full access to the well facilitated lab belonging to its sister company, Euroliquids. They have a complete set of lab equipment available to do complete fertilizer analyses. This lab includes an ion chromatograph and an ICP. It is supporting Van Iperen International in delivering the best quality fertilizers possible and with the questions posed by its’ distributors around the world.

Alfred van der Slikke, manager of the lab, is presenting the possibilities of the lab.
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The high tech lab facilities of the Van Iperen group.
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Our expertise: people who can answer your questions and meet your needs

Of course at Van Iperen International we rely on our own fertilizing expertise. A team of five specialists deal with questions from the field on a daily basis. Each of our consultants has his or her own field of expertise. Their knowledge ranges from high-tech soilless vegetable and flower production through open field vegetables to orchards and arable crops. They can answer any professional question you may have.
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