What products do we offer? In short, if your customer fertigates or uses foliar fertilizers, we have a solution available. Van Iperen International can fill your customers’ needs with the proper amount of macronutrients and micronutrients for any specific application or circumstance, either in solid or liquid form. We also deliver chelate blends and compounds – tailor-made if needed. So if it makes crops grow, we will do our utmost to offer you the best solution.
We offer a full range of chelated and non-chelated trace elements, in solid and liquid form. Our solid EDTAs are produced using a unique patented micro-granulation process. The result is a homogeneous, dust-free, free flowing strawberry-shaped product which dissolves easily. We use the same process for our compounds and for our unique biodegradable IDHA chelates and innovative Fe-HBED chelate. EDDHA and DTPA are also available as iron chelates. The compounds can be ordered tailor-made and can contain a mixture of different chelates and sulphates in each microgranule.
Van Iperen International has an extensive advanced range. We offer a variety of calcium derivates. We also offer polyphosphate-based products for cleaning drip irrigation systems, potassium phosphate-based compositions for stronger crops, and many liquid specialties. All these specific products come with clear instructions on the product leaflet. The instructions are also accessible via the QR code.
Van Iperen International is capable of producing a complete line of Water Soluble NPK's. Next to our line of standard formulas, we are well established to produce tailor made products.

Van Iperen International offers you any solid or liquid NPK you can imagine.
They can be tailor-made with specific additives according to your demands.
Our solid NPKs are of the highest European dust-free quality and have a highly
effective nutrient concentration. Solubility and purity are guaranteed.
We offer a full range of straights : calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphate, and nitrogen products. All our straights are of horticultural grade and available as solids and liquids . They are all highly soluble and have a high nutrient content. Our straights are suitable for hydroponic systems and foliar application. Our calcium products are available as Horticultural Grade, Fertigation Grade for use in open fields, and Agri Grade for application via water cannons. All products come in our Iperen International branded bags.