If it looks better, it sells better

Van Iperen jumps out of the box with a newly designed product line. Inside you still find the same high quality product your customers are used to. Only now we made it look better. There is no doubt that a product that looks better, will sell better! The new Van Iperen design will be launched in October and will in this month come with a variety of free, special free in-store promotion items.

As you know, Van Iperen International offers a complete range of fertilizing products in different packaging sizes. In regard to our soluble fertilizers we do offer you our products in bags of 1 kg, 5 kg, 15 kg, 25 kg and 1.000 kg big bags. The smaller packaging can even be ordered in a nice display box, to be put on the counter of your local shops. If it comes to liquids we offer you cans of 1 l, 5 l, 10 l and 20 l. Next to that we have 220 l drums and 1.000 l IBC. All in all, a broad and complete package to fulfill all your customers’ needs.

If you order your WS NPK’s, Trace Elements or Humic Acid before 1st of November, you will fully benefit from our special action offer and the free in-store promotion items that come with it! So order your Van Iperen International WS NPK’s, Trace Elements or Humic Acids now and make it easier to attract your customers to the new and promising world of Van Iperen. It will help you grow for the best!
Boost your sales with free in store promotion items.

Our sales manager will get in contact with you to discuss this campaign intensively!
We gladly invite you to contact us and enter into the world of Van Iperen International.
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